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The dangers of rehoming on Craigslist pets and free to good home

hi everyone welcomes back to my blog today’s blog is gonna be kind of chatty and so if you’re not interested in something that’s a little bit.long-winded then sorry I apologize it’s just not that’s not what this is I wanted to be able to talk in length about my experiences with getting animals off of Craigslist pets and like the different tips and tricks.

I’ve come up with about like for what you should avoid or what you should look for when you’re trying to get an animal off of Craigslist and I’m gonna divide this into two separate parts not separate parts like two separate blog but this blog itself will have two separate parts and it will be about animals you’re rescuing off Craigslist and animals that you’re looking to get like as a rehome off of Craigslist.

Because they’re two very different things so when you’re looking for a rehome you’re not looking for a gecko that like already I say gecko I mean animal you’re not looking for an animal that already has a lot of like issues whereas.

If you’re rescuing it doesn’t really matter if they have those issues because you’re going to treat them medically anyway so rescuing and looking for a situation of rehoming are two very different things and I feel like I should address them separately so I’m going to address them separately.

we go so the first thing you’re gonna do is go to your Craigslist pets in your area and then go to the community and then go to pets so you’ll be in a section just all just pets now if you don’t want to do that and you want to just look in general you can go to like the little search bar in your area like once you’re in your area there’s a little search bar at the top of Craigslist pets and then you can just type in the species you’re looking for and it should come up in like different.

Categories like for example sometimes people will put the animal in the for sale category which is like where you can find furniture and stuff which I find strange because there’s a whole section for pets but whatever so if you’re looking for an animal out of a situation of rehoming you’re typically looking for a healthy pet.

So I’m gonna go ahead and list what you should look forward to making sure that you are getting a healthy pet now like I said I will address rescuing here in a bit so stay tuned for that so if you are looking for an animal in Craigslist and there are no photos in the ad that’s bad I would not trust an ad that doesn’t have any photos so make sure that if you email that person you request numerous photos and make sure that they are newer photos so.

For example, if there are photos on the ad or it’s only like one or two and then you email them and ask for more photos and they just send you the two that are already on there you have no idea how old those photos are or how reasons they are and in my experience a lot of times they’ll literally just put a picture of the animal-like the day they got it on the Craigslist pets and it’s like that could have been months ago before like crappy care so the animal that you’re getting could look way different then when it.

Originally was taking photos of them you know so you’re gonna get an animal that might be unhealthy or might be different in appearance to what you were expecting so make sure that you were requesting recent photographs and if you won’t prove that they’re recent.

Ask them to write like a number or a name or something on a piece of paper and take a picture next to the enclosure if they’re not willing to do that you might not want to get the animal from them in the first place now if they do include like a plentiful amount of photos in the ad you might not have to request more pictures but just make sure that the pictures are like clear quality and you make sure that they represent the animal and the enclosure well instead of just being like a picture of half the enclosure with like barely anything going on.

So you can’t really see what they’re doing you know what I mean you want to make sure that there’s actual like photos of what you can be expecting to get you’re gonna want to avoid listings where the seller doesn’t provide that much information sometimes it’ll be like just a few sentences or like they won’t even like list the name of the animal they’ll just be like I have this animal for sale and they won’t include anything else so I would avoid those if you’re looking for like a good healthy rehoming situation because it shows like a lack of care do you know what I mean.

I’d also avoid listings where they get the species wrong simply because that just shows they don’t know what they’re talking about.

I would also avoid any listings for free pets because these pets may have health problems or may come just not in the best of enclosure like if they come with their enclosure the free pet might be in an enclosure that’s not suitable and you might not know that ahead of time it’s just free pets, in general, is a very tricky thing and I recommend it if you’re rescuing.

But if you’re not then I would stay away from that I’d also avoid people who don’t give detailed and timely responses if they give you a reason like sorry I have extended work hours or something so I don’t get to talk that often like if they give you a reason then it’s probably a bit more trustworthy but there are some people who will take days to respond at a time and it’s just I find that those people are often the most flaky and they’ll probably back out on you when you’re going to get the animal so like.

it’s yet you might end up sitting all by yourself in a car waiting for them to show up and they never do so if they aren’t giving quick responses or if they aren’t giving detailed responses it might indicate that they’re just don’t really care and I wouldn’t think that if you want a healthy well cared for animal that you’d want to go that route.

I would also avoid anyone who doesn’t give detailed responses or her refuse to respond to questions about husbandry about diet about general care those are really important questions for you to ask before you get an animal off of Craigslist pets and if a person is not willing to address those or addresses them very like poorly with like a lack of information or if they give you information that you know is not proper husbandry I would avoid that situation if you notice that the animal or the enclosure gives you pause like you have concern it’s okay to back out just because you DM to this person that iam just because you emailed this person doesn’t mean that you’re now

contractually obligated to get the animal if you are looking for a situation nuts not a rescue like again all of this is not for rescuing it’s completely different but if you’re looking for like a healthy pet and you just don’t want to have any issues and something is giving you pause trust your gut and avoid that situation now lastly if the pet and the enclosure and husbandry.

All seem fine please keep in mind that you may still end up with a situation that you weren’t expecting so for example the person might not show up or you could end up getting an animal that has underlying health problems that aren’t visible from the outside keep in mind that when you get an animal off Craigslist even if everything looks great it could still possibly not be great and just be aware that that is a possibility now I recommend getting pets from rehoming and rescue off of.

Craigslist so I’m not trying to tell anyone not to but I just want you to be aware that that is a possibility pretty much regardless of where you get animals from now let’s talk about if you’re rescuing pretty much everything I just said you can throw out the window when it comes to rescuing off of.

Craigslist pets because you’re not looking for proper husbandry you’re not looking for a great enclosure you’re not looking for a healthy animal a rescue situation is a rescue situation because you know already that there’s gonna have to change that is made to this animals health and lifestyle in order to get it to a stable place now I want to urge that you still ask for photos and read details so that you can have the best understanding of what the animal went through before coming to you.